Our Mamas Were Right, Unmentionables Matter

Serves me right for getting all excited about being on TV. A few months ago a producer from Today.com (the online version of The Today Show) contacted me to ask if they could come to Tennessee and spend a full day filming Missy and me for a story celebrating National Adoption Month, which is in November. Of course I was deeply honored and said yes immediately, thinking what an incredible thing, that God had given us favor with a secular media conglomerate so we could testify to His faithfulness with an even wider audience!

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I won’t ever, ever leave you

I acted like a total stupid-head (that’s the worst kind of put-down allowed in our house and only used in very extreme cases, like when our dog Cookie was trying to show off her questionable tracking skills and accidentally killed a baby bunny recently) the other night. Mind you, it had been a really long, super hot, insufferably humid day and I had to sit in traffic while my sweaty thighs melded into the car seat for far too long. Plus, I didn’t get my to-do list even halfway done and I was suffering from light-headedness a result of the new healthier “lifestyle choices” I’m making per my trainer’s orders so as to pare down my fluffy parts. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been nearly as grumpy had I been allowed to guzzle a java chip Frappuccino or gobble a donut, but alas carrot sticks and kale were useless when it came to curbing my bad attitude.

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